SCA Coffee Skills Program

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

The SCA is a non-profit organisation that represents thousands of coffee professional, from producers to baristas all over the world.
Administered by the SCA and taught by Authorised SCA Trainers (ASTs) around the globe, the Coffee Skills Program (CSP) offers education for every stage of your career.

About The Coffee Skills Program (CSP)

The CSP allows you to choose the education path that suits your interests and needs.
Specialty coffee is a diverse industry and we are here to help you develop your passion and sharpen your skills.

The SCA Coffee Skills Diploma


The program consists of six different modules:

  • Introduction to Coffee, which is available only at one level.
  • 5 specialist modules. (Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills.)

Each of the specialist modules is available at three different levels, with points attached at every stage. You may choose the modules that fit your interests and needs. Once you have achieved 100 points, you will be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. You will also be awarded a SCA certificate of the completed module of the level.

More About Each Module