About BYOB Coffee Roaster

Bring Your Own Bike

Our initial dream was to prepare specialty coffee to local coffee lovers in a cozy atmosphere. In our cafe, you are promised the original  hand drip coffee made from beans which are freshly roasted here. Our first shop is located in Hung Kiu, Tuen Mun, an area full of traditional small shops and surrounded by cycle tracks. Cyclists can bring their bike and take a brief visit to our cafe during their ride. With some relaxing music, customers can chit-chat with friends in a relaxing, inviting vibe, rewarded with snippets in the neighbourhood. Just come and pamper yourself with the harmony of little things in daily lives with the unique scents of our coffee.

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BYOB Coffee Roaster

Shop 2ACD on G/F, Man Cheong Building, No. 5 Tsing To Path
Tuen Mun, N.T. HONG KONG

BYOB at 8 Regency

Shop 6, G/F, Eight Regency, No. 8 Leung Tak Street

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Mon – Sun: 11:30 – 21:30

Buy Your Own Beans

It was not easy to operate a coffee shop especially for our founders who had no experience in food business. Thanks to our customers and staff, who have contributed a lot of to help us improve and elevate our sense of appreciation to the utmost in the past three years.

Yet, to cater for different tastes of our customers, we will always keep the faith BYOB in our mind: to share specialty coffee with amazing aroma , sweetness, aftertaste and clean acidity.  Therefore, we have opened our second shop at Eight Regency, Tuen Mun, where hand-drip coffee, green and roasted coffee beans from different origins are served. It is also our pride to sell brewers and home roasters our coffee beans.

Be Your Own Barista

With an enthusiasm for sharing the joy of making coffee, we encourage people to brew coffee at home like a barista. BYOB provides professional certification programmes to beginners. Our courses are taught by instructors who are recognised by Authorized SCA Trainer (ASTs) of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)and Q Arabica Grader ®️ certified by CQI.

Our Qualifications

Q Arabica Grader ®️ certified by CQI
Authorized SCA Trainer
SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.
SCA Barista Professional
SCA Brewing Professional
SCA Green Coffee Professional
SCA Roasting Professional
SCA Sensory Skills Professional
City & Guilds International Awards in Barista Skills

A Place For Coffee Lovers And Everyone

We started as a specialty coffee shop. But we want BYOB to be a place where everyone can share the same joy of coffee as we do.

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Commitment to Coffee

We are committed to share the best speciality coffee with the best brewing process

logo biking
Biking Origin

We started as a coffee shop where cyclists can bring their bikes and relax with us, and grew to a place for everyone with a passion for coffee

logo barista
Like a Barista

We want to share the joy of coffee making, so that everyone can brew coffee at home like a barista